Friday, 23 October 2009

The White Lady, niqab not the problem

It should not be the niqab that is the problem, it is the islam.

defence of beauty from women and guys, now thats magic!

hides ugly too.

quite enlightened in that but...

its also body prude and hostile to sex. that is the bad bit.

as for non acceptance of nudes and nakked people, well that a bad bit too, but you didnt need islam for that.

Ianna dildo porn (substitution). do not copy ass to mouth, tula tip. risk infection.

it is not what you have in differnce in attire-dress that is the problem;
but that which you both have in common! (contravines nature natural nude).


(NYPD USA arrest woman who is, not covered up). needs the islamic nasheed music added to it.

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