Thursday, 29 October 2009

Nu Mecca, round core

New Mecca al Haram and Kaba district.

a huge building project is well underway to x3 the capacity of pilgrims from 900,000 to around 2,700,000. This is due to the increase in pilgrims who during hajj month overflow the masjid-mosque as huge crowds on the streets surrounding it bringing downtown mecca to a halt.

the development also includes hotels to help cope with the millions of hajj pilgrims, and shopping districts for them to spend their money.

news: 100s of saudi youth run amok looting shops in ice-cream riot.
Suddenly, scores of young men began smashing windows and breaking into the stylish shops nearby. They trashed inventories of sunglasses, crystal glass, clothes and ice cream. They stole cash from the tills, overturned furniture, ran off with copying machines. In all, about 30 shops and restaurants were badly vandalized before police arrived and managed to arrest about 80 of the looters."

"...some vandals were heard to cite U.S. support for Israel as a reason for attacking Pizza Hut and Starbucks..."

mass floggings afterwards.

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