Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Cheska Checkpoint

youtube vid. German Heydrich in Prague, Cheska-(Czech Republic). early 20th c.

Klaus looks past christmas.
the Czech constitution states that the president can only be impeached if he commits high treason against Czech independence, territorial integrity and democratic order."

Poland in no hurry.
"According to a statement released by President Lech Kaczynski's press office, Stasiak told public radio "nobody says we need to urgently rush" the ratification process.

Stasiak said president will eventually complete the process.

"Those who say the signature now, even before breakfast, will change something on the E.U. stage are wrong. No, it really doesn't matter," he said."

some real modern art, costs a joke half million tax-euros though! and then the Austria prudes pull the sign boards for Sharia law!! ~(ignoring the stupid cost allready embesseled).

turning corners. politiks and philosophy.

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