Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Spinning Stars, hovercraft all-terrain legion

some people have still not learnt the lessions (many) of history ~(their own!), nor assimilated it. some cultures find this easier to to than others.

but most societys are still young (the industrial revolution is 200-300 years old only which is only 2 or 3 centuarys and not 20-30 millennia yet..)

uk is really only 300 years old ~(scotland conqured in 1700)
beginning of empire. ahah!
USA 1776 thats.. just over 200.

music. human rodenish-kind.
mammels song again

religions are young too.
islam - since 600 ad-ish is 1400
christianity - since 100 ad ~(scriptureish book revelation 90 ad) # 1900
buddhism - since 500 bc-ish is around 2500
Konfu-cious similar 2500 ish
Tao-Dao maybe 2600~
Judaism (Moses law giver) 3167 +9 (some give instead the abraham leaving Ur of Sumer as a nomad but he also fathered the arabs circa 3800~)
Nuada Tuatha de Dannan (picto-celt) 3850~
Egypt-Kemmet 5100~ since the unification of the two kingdoms by Menes 1st
Akkadia-Babylonia-Iraq 6500~ maybe (who knows?)
Canaanite 9000+~ jericho (penis worship and nude venus worship and animal spirit totems)

hovercraft. wild.
beach lander.
hovercraft extreme racing.
err ianna logic here: brits find hovercraft profitable and fastest soo.. stop them!
2000 ce. (observation: capitalists, non zero-denied work party state establishment.). selective inbreeding.
massive hova-craft.

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