Saturday, 31 October 2009

Might Cause Religious Offence!! (this way)

The phrase Ummah Wahida in the Qur'an (the "One Community")

The Constitution of Medina, an early document said to have been negotiated by Muhammad in AD 622 with the leading clans of Medina, explicitly refers to Jewish and pagan citizens of Medina as members of the "Ummah".

anyway as i was saying might cause offence to...err...the cult of diana.

luckly it cant offend buddhism (top left), christianity, or hinduism. phew!
(followers would know this unless they got cultic and somehow lost the tread - like count on that happening - and strangly hijacked... not too unlike a cult of the prude goddess.)

we only left out islam because you havent searched the site properly.

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