Wednesday, 14 October 2009



some non-helpful humanoid tips:

if you are : Female
you present yourself to all males to be fucked and cum cunted.
you sexually respond in the affermative to all adult males.

getting prego is natural so enjoy it. the gods will love you.

if you are: Male
you take and use for your groups sexual relief all adult females you encounter. this is subject to your sexual libedo replacement levels.

so get them prego? the goddesses will love you!

now you are alligned to nature and scientific understanding. thank you for your cooperation.

music : mammels song, youtubers.
in gods we trust¬
students show the way in orgy fucking. can you make the grade or whimp out (the exit door is past the 'i a whimpy lesser-than=students looser' sign). good to know that.

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