Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Culture Nudes Manchester Art. uk

culture time.

Neil Roland's prints (see photos) of Naked in Machester, (Slyvia and Steve pictured here).

art tradition being what it is so if you other gender to that of the artist then you can fuck them when you purchase... i just thought you should know of that in general. would have to ask if applied.

I-Glass's fotos of hidden Manchester on fliker. The Victoria Arches and Cathederal Steps mystery.
other pictures from urban explorers.
Used as air-raid shelters in 1939+ (around 19 areas underground connected by tunnels), they were built as ware-houses for the boat-barges unloading and loading of the victorian era industrial revolution. This included passenger barge-boats drop-off with public-wc toilets (the wc's were used into the 1960s).

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