Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Taliban Overrun 2 Nato outposts 'no big deal'

Taliban in eastern Afghanistan area Nuristan (near pakistan) overrun 2 american ISAF Nato outposts (called 'we were going to leave anyway' and 'we still have troops in that province somewhere').

"On Saturday, hundreds of Taliban fighters stormed two remote NATO outposts near the Pakistan border that led to a fierce 13-hour battle. Eight American and at least two Afghan soldiers were killed, the worst losses for U.S. troops in over a year."
"In a statement put out on their website,, the hardline Islamists said they had raised their flag in Kamdesh district of eastern Nuristan province near the Pakistan border at a function attended by elders.

U.S. forces denied they had left the area, although they said they will leave eventually under plans announced before the attack."

Taliban Flag in Nuristan.

"NATO posted a statement on its Web site claiming a victory of sorts in the fighting around the mountainous village of Kamdesh, since “a more detailed battlefield assessment following the Oct. 3 attack in Nuristan has determined that enemy forces suffered more than 100 dead during the well-coordinated defense — significantly higher losses than originally thought.” link.

Nato supply trucks hit

Islamic Emirate; war report. in english.

War Zone; war report. daily news.

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