Saturday, 17 October 2009

Krishna Krsna कृष्ण

Krishna-Krsna-कृष्ण a popular hindu god. video. videos god-data.
Vais'na'va callender.
noted as a sprite who ravished milkmaids this jinni went on to reveal greater things and in the classic Bhagavad Gita united many currents of hindu thought and practice.

Krishna hid the clothes of the nude batheing females up the tree with himself. Good trick, ianna-chain unlocker. blessed of Tula

recognised beyong hinduism in-as Jain Avatar, Buddhist king, Bahai manifestation, and Ahmadiyyah-Islam prophet.
considered and attributed as Vishna'va (though often considered monolithic/supreme).

tech gunk.
a socialist god in practice. basic vegetarian buffets. worth a worship just for that.
(this represents the orgy-feast-buffet for all of the comrades Sun God and Water-Goddess, or Sun Goddess and Rain God). blessed of the sun, manifestation of the sun, great in the ways of the sun.. etc
iskcon-cultus represents in practice the tula-consorter-tula as under the prohibition of Ianna the bitch dIanna. (cultees blessed of Ianna Ianna)
cult to be avoided during paint bomb festival of the trickster god unless you feel very silly inclined.

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