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anti-skitzophrenia drugs deficiency - capitalism

Force of Evil.

"He swept to office on the back of a promise to break with tradition. But John Bercow, the Speaker of the Commons, has been accused of taking his shake-up of the role too far after he unleashed an attack on the British National Party.

Centuries of political impartiality demanded of the Speaker were rolled back in spectacular fashion by Mr Bercow yesterday, as he described the far-right party as "evil", adding that it was a "poison which we could well do without". It is thought to be the first time that a Speaker has ever launched such an assault on a legal party.

Mr Bercow, who was in the Speaker's chair to oversee the first ever UK Youth Parliament session taking place in the Commons, earned cheers and even a standing ovation from the delegates for his outburst. "I'm under absolutely no obligation whatsoever to be impartial as between the forces of democracy on the one hand and the forces of evil on the other," he said. "I do feel very, very, very strongly as someone from a Jewish background that the evil of the BNP is that its whole politics is based upon and driven by hate. That is a poison which we could well do without."

While the Speaker is always expected to remain independent while overseeing business in the Commons.."link.

"The Israeli immigration minister Eli Yishai has announced his firm intention to deport all illegal aliens because their presence “damages the state’s Jewish identity, constitute a demographic threat and increase the danger of assimilation.”

The demand of Israel to be a Jewish state underpins the existence of that nation — and is identical to the British National Party’s demand for Britain to remain an ethnically majority British state.

Speaking to the Israeli media after refusing to concede on demands for the children of illegal immigrants to be made exempt from deportation proceedings, Mr Yishai said he was adamant over his decision that all illegal foreign workers and their families must leave the country.

“Minister Yishai is not ready to give a permanent residency to these children. Their parents, who are staying illegally, are using their children to whitewash their presence,” Mr Yishai’s spokesman, Roee Lahmanovitz told the media.

“Allowing this group residency would create a dangerous precedent which could eventually fundamentally change the Jewish character of Israel,” he said.

“We are not a safe haven, period. We should not damage the character of the Jewish state simply out of clemency.”

Allowing these children to stay in Israel “is liable to damage the state’s Jewish identity, constitute a demographic threat and increase the danger of assimilation,” Mr Yishai added later. “We are not an asylum state.”

According to official figures, some 222,000 foreign workers live in Israel, including 107,000 who have exceeded their work permits. These illegal aliens come from countries as widely disparate as Ghana and the Philippines.

The arrival of hundreds of thousands of foreign workers has already transformed many streets of the once predominantly Tel Aviv into a series of Asian and African food stores, restaurants, Internet cafes and karaoke bars." link.


...remember, capitalist states dont provide for the people.

it logically follows you cannot import more harmoniously.

(competion for jobs, housing and wages level)

also ironic to note: there is allways zero unemployment in nations that provide it, ie genuine socialist states (or beginning or real state civilizations).

such as National Socialist Germany, the USSR-CCCP soviets, North Korea (the latter two socialist nation Stalinist).

It does not occur in asperant nation attempts, that do not provide it; ofcourse.. but where there is capitalism there is it seems an outbreak of insanity! or is it isa versa.?.

transcendent politics. anyone notice racism?

nations better off without american capitalist looters! no really¬!

this made me giggle.

" Bolivia, the poorest country in South America, had been operating under IMF agreements for 20 consecutive years, and had a per capita income lower than it had been 27 years earlier. Evo sent the IMF packing just three months after he took office, and then moved to re-nationalize the hydrocarbons industry (mostly natural gas). Needless to say this did not sit well with the international corporate community. Nor did Bolivia's decision in May 2007 to withdraw from the World Bank's international arbitration panel (ICSID), which had a tendency to settle disputes in favor of international corporations and against governments.

But Bolivia's re-nationalization and increased royalties on hydrocarbons has given the government billions of dollars of additional revenue (Bolivia's entire GDP is only about $16.6 billion, with a population of 10 million people). These revenues have been useful for a government that wants to promote development, and especially to maintain growth during the downturn. Public investment increased from 6.3 percent of GDP in 2005 to 10.5 percent for 2009. Bolivia's growth through the current world downturn is even more remarkable in that it was hit hard by falling prices for its most important exports - natural gas and minerals, and also by a loss of [un]important export preferences in the U.S. market..."

Read more at:"
nice one bolivia! aka 'Iz seemz to av more goodz now the riotz av been stopped!'. 'that right?'

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