Saturday, 24 October 2009

Tula Sex Medic (phobias)

Tula priestess sex medic


tight cunt? worried thing get stuck in it like his cock?

use spermicide lube for wet slippy cunt!
water-based to protect cervix cap.
(avoid vasiline and petrolium based slippy as they perish rubber in time)

suck cock first. siliva-spit gets cock wet and gives chance for vagina to expand and get wet and hot too.

if 'virgin stuck'
often a subconcious fear of preggo... but with his cock in cunt is not helping!
always moring after pill (not RU486) or spermicide.

2 rub clit button under the hood above vagina. erogj zone, stimulator and turn on.
hot hot, makes cunt wet = slippy slide.

wait for his penis to ejaculate and shrink enough. watch something boreing on telly, cover tits talk mundane. takes time.


guys boost sex drive?
no pants - no tight briefs. increases tesostrogen production. one method.
effects in 1hour, 3 days ookie as mind-body change to level of production changes.
...could swallow cum. more a girl thing that though..

but guys need self control from agression?
get de-spunked as need!
or wear/sleep in too, tight briefs = reduction of tesostrogen (reduces agression and libedo, and over time strenght too...depends on your work).
effects in 1 hour, 3 days ookie as change and adapt.
err.. stop swallowing cum. if applies.

good sex drive boost =also the b vitamins (both genders) and also frolic acid, very good one.

girls: swallow cum. boosts tesostrogen levels! (sex drive).
also stabalises fem cycle! have to find over your level of cum intake, regualar.
happy cock-sucker cum-swallower!

worried over HIV?
use neat lemon
juice (jiff) up cunt on dick... ouch!!
(kills on contact!)
easy that one.

use cervix cap. is safe and can slut it for natural cum cream pie sex up the fucker.
natural sex cumed-in cunt very good sex for orgasming! (and next guy taking turn)

avoid anal. bust virgin hymen with sex toy game, let heal up! (adult)

watch teen sharp teeth on penis. practice on bananas. (no fucking teen mouths)
(natural for guys to hip thrust when penis in a chick anywhere. nature programming. teeth blunt with age .

sex is nature requied for adults (adult hormone effected) for mind well being.
protects from nasty agression and mental illness.

virgin ad funny. nurse one.
genuine gyne pelvic exam!. medic vid
will for doc. identifying hostile ianna? lesser than, greater than? favoured, disfavoured. whos the mug?
expanded cunt, for easy sex. good for birthing... ~(what ianna lunatic wants tight cunt for births? or virgin birth?)

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