Tuesday, 27 October 2009

City Hold, urban design, star federation pentapolis

urban city design, the star federation method. (nomad)

inner core Tula-tulla good adults, with hive birth-raise.

outer ring, ianna more dissident to nature adult.

outer star side, bad
inner star side, mid

inner core good.
outer sider lesser good
inner sider greater good

the star network exists for autonomy and freedom (to the scientific ideology) as cities in alliance or federation.

this requires each city to provide trade and produce exchange, protection and relief.

so refugees are automatically accepted, housed, fed and worked-paid from any city of the star. (could a socialist state do otherwise?)

and.. they will be returned to their city, and traide and equipped as part of the city legion return-force.
(tech: their-city aided legion)

brotherhood and comrades, sisterhood and comrades, comrades comrades.

neat ideas 101 (aka the penta-polis)

associated gunk tech:
crime support. (although paid to oppose crime, these cowards will support the criminals against the victims of crime... as police empolyers, parents, staff, politicians, media, etc, and so not Mannat, our zoltian procedure 'police')
cowardice in the face of the enemy, aiding the enemy, assistance to the enemy, enemy of the collective. weird link for outline. (ianna hostile to adult sex link)
also interesting to note with us you cannot outlaw what is not outlawed. (as employers, parent-child-slavers, religions do - that would be a crime of prohibition of the law, mutany, insurrection, rival state 'despot') - its an organised thing (good for sanity).
indigenous history month..evil? do You support or oppose? defining indigenous peoples by race - forensic anthropology... all or some races only?
skitzophrenia awareness.
(xeno-species awareness).

behold the lunatics who consider it evil and oppose afterall! haha
(where allowed to see this video, this offer does not extend to the slave states)

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