Thursday, 15 October 2009

Afghan Flags - historical & current جھنڈا

Afghan flags.
eras include the Duranni Empire (inc. lahore in pak);

(european/british empire 1839-1919 in the north)

the Emirates 1880-1928 (fully independant 1919)

The Kingdoms 1928-74
(more khans and Shah's)

Socialist Republic 1974-92 including Soviet 78-79.

Islamic State 1992-2004
Islamic Republic 2004+ (urban)

Islamic State: 1992 + including the taliban years (circa~1996 (defacto)/1997-2001)
and 2001+ ~2002 again (puppet - american empire) contested by talibs

becoming an Islamic Republic declaired-intent 2002; but more like 2004 elections really! I-R 2004+ ;current where held (see Taliban Govt disbuteation).

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