Thursday, 29 October 2009

zone 1 and 4 outer, family place

zone 1 outer, 4 too.

virgins, suspected bethroths, former married/secretly married, monogos. weird ianna cultists.

also mystical retreats, libedo recouperators, and visitors. (who need time to ajust culturally) and who likely share a lot in common anyway with the dissidents. also temple sex 1 day a month non-attenders: ie tula law breakers. prudes sentenced to be there as holding place for disruption of other zones. blasphemers against Goddess Venus.

many of the signs they made themselves and in no way reflect the law. dont expect to find much porn though and they might infringe you nude rights. often utterly boreing.

will most like pray for you.

warning! contains non-socialists! (so does 1 4 inner too)

silent night, Mormon.
Stille Nacht.
nice tune. they dont mean the same when
another song.

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