Thursday, 8 October 2009

Taking it up the Kyper Pass, Afghanistam

Taliban attacks on supply convoys up. 8 Oct 2009 Pak trib,
"Figures released to TIME by NATO showed that from June to September this year, over 145 truck drivers and guards were killed in attacks on convoys and 123 vehicles were destroyed."

Iran suspected of giveing explosive nice gifts to Talibans.
""It's clear that U.S.-Iranian relations now are going to go into an increasingly difficult period," Reidel said. "If I was sitting in Teheran, I'd be looking for the place where you could hurt the Americans the most and that's Obama's war right next door in Afghanistan."

Iran knows the U.S. is already stretched to the limit in southern and eastern Afghanistan, so opening a new front in the west can only make it even more difficult for the U.S. to succeed." 2009

'Pakistani firefighters try to extinguish burning oil supply tankers after a late night blast outside Peshawar on Apr. 10, 2009. Militants blew up five tankers, supplying fuel to Western forces fighting insurgents in neighbouring Afghanistan, police said.'

AQ Afghan-east short of supplies. AQ to go looting.
Iraq resistance 2008 & forgotten war.

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