Wednesday, 28 October 2009

City Zoneing symbol guide, Tula law

damage limitation, equal association. ie the zone-ing idea.
err happy like with like...(sure)

also applies to practices and buildings including religious buildings.
(nearly all your religions are ianna outer)
gay marriage churches 23 ianna
other place of marriage/promotion 14 outer.
temples not doing marriage or handfastings...(do you have any?)
brothels, red light zone, 14 inner
porn chick slut, 23 inner nice
or 14 inner bad.
nudes 14 inner. (nudity is legal under tula law. this means it is illegal to oppose it)

might surprise you. 23 outer kink. ianna 'central'/core. 23 outer. protesters.
14 outer humor, python. 'the married' and monogos. 'dats my slave'. 14 outer marriage.
music, country. 14 inner. date zone.
ten bad cities.

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