Saturday, 31 October 2009

Valley of Pleasure

Valley of Pleasure.
(it still exists btw)

History Gunk:
after the spetacular and glorious defeat of the islamic army of Prophet Mohammed at Uhud by the pagan followers of Hubal and Uzza (Venus) the prophet in question took his army to the village of women in the Valley and they all had 3 days of an orgy. for fun, or rather for pleasure (muta).

technically the example of the Prophet (& Companions) ie Sunnah.

As for the preggos, thats her gift (some say problem but thats nice).
her look out some say. this at lest reflects nature.

having a fuck.

the women of Uzza, maids of uzza or Uzzayan, were at the time busy being gangbanged by the victorious pagan army, as they promised. so two orgies where going on at the same time... ermm win win?

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