Sunday, 18 October 2009

Impossible (not normal) Dakam Passive Sorcery ! jedi

impossible mind hijack psych attack?

weird huh?

but this is known to our magi-sorcery, Druids of nature craft and also the Dakam (ofcourse); and the legion for the aquired gifted above (you wont fool them other-wise).

it is jedi.

The da'kam passive mode mind attack really can defy all logic and explenation and turn attack, and attackers into mobelised infantry for the dakamic.

and others fall in fits and mind overload. they recover, sometimes changed beings.
so a dakam sorcery mind attack can change the course of battles and sides of ug thug aggressors or high minded opposers with few words....if any even!

as a swarm-scurry species such things are to be expected do to the collective urge.

oh yess, the male has two options - attack or run, and the female has maybe three, including the big be fucked in submission. normal, that is why females get wet cunts when opposed (to be fucked), but the male testes are held into the body for defence ~(attack or run). just a gimik

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