Friday, 30 October 2009

Free W/C @ Sodominaz barz zone14inn

available free public w/c toilets can be found at the Sodominaz Barz in zone 14inn(er).

(there are similar ones in 23perimiter/outer ).

upstairs room no door has lots of marked holes ( for chicks) in the floor through which you can see the people below, sometimes see-through plastic floor too.
chicks toilet show your pussy to the bar below and shit falls down the shit-wall into a trough. considered entertainment by some.

piss urinals (both the male and female ones connect - infact they are unisex) lead either to a twisted tube run upon (or in a see though plastic) shit wall. Or leads to a water-fall toy with spinning water wheel and other such gimmiks.

has special piss chairs for the public (rather than the sitting on the floor), in the bar room, where you can piss though the chair, grooves-channel on the floor. also urine offering statue of ianna-diana idol. (genuine offering) for use.

have hourly anal sex chick shows, different sodominaz each time, 25/8. (hundreds of sodominaz on the books, its a socialist owned enterprise). They have a rota.
often do a shit afterwards for public appreciation.

also piss in the glass shows, and free beer-or spirt for most filled cup competions for the public, also hourly. (for guys they must stand and piss in the cup betwen the sodominaz tits without touching penis from behind the line - she gets wet).
she's hired.(julia).

and at another timed interval is the feel inside a cunt. if the que isnt too long. 5 min, so there should be something happening within 15 min of entering the place, often sooner as the respective shows and events are staggered.

never actually closes.

often the sodominaz are available for hire afterwards and other hopefulls on the list will be whoreing around inside and outside, but are kept in order by state officials (no nasty calling either way) and have chicks for hire zones.

so there is the slack assed anal-sod slags, and plently of piss and poop space.

(the excrement is recycled for methane extration as fuel or cracked for plastic polymers and then used as farm fertilizer (after detox).
state owned.
it sticks soo bad you get used to it after a time.

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