Sunday, 18 October 2009

Popular Dakam spiritual tradition jedi

Popular Da'kam, the defensive martial art and sacred self control delight.

Dakam is general trained in less leathel civilian, and leathel plus military forms.

(and the Dakam mystics do what ever they please). they are held in such high reverence people feed them and fuck them and worship them unless stopped.

whole villages/districts can turn dakam if one mystic turn up, but over time. anyway, thats usually an improvement. 3 years ish.

yep the martial art. in this they move away from attack. the hand protect the body, the legs block (sparte) incoming kicks, - as moving away, and cycle to a side, for example the left arc (right eye dominat tradition).

bows occur from hands (both) to jaw upwards palm strick (the knock back of the fool), heart-solar plexis finger jab (illlegal), so turned into a bash upper body, knee strike belly hurt, groin strike kick. leg kick stop leg chop block (if that makes any sencse which it will to a karati-ka or dan.)

and escape away, check check surround awareness jump backer. normal

the military form includes ear eating and eye remove/ear pull off and eating barbarity and it utterly illegal in a non hostile combat situation.

no real high kicks except the jaw kick.

one trick is the low high body hight for the fit-able. but thats more specialist training. ~(including back knee chop - low duck) and land on head (high heel strick jumper).

the Dakam turn side ways profile to attacks to protect self and move away, with which they can prevent or lessen any impact. But their lightening-fast 'return to site' with blow is the killer or knock-out they trick you into. aka jump back attack.

use for your defence only please. thank you.

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