Friday, 16 October 2009

Sun God, Spiritual legitamizer, the Happy God

Solar-Sun imagery is universally used to denote the spiritual.
It acts as a legitamizer and designation of holy and good.

The Sun and Light are associated with good, warmth, light and bright and blessings, and so the archytype Sun God is a Happy God of Good Times.
(believe it or not)

in this we can see how the universal religion has been hijacked and usurped and warped over time by various groups and cults (some gone mainstream). (still cultic heresy).

The sun god is a god of nudity and healing (vitiamin D production - D3 allows the immune system to defeat cancer, found in banannas btw). and with the rain (god) or water (goddess) is a producer of crops and food trees for us to eat (or milk cows and milk goats-sheep to make milk from) which we drink. and we can eat there die off carrion.

music. Okami, Rising Sun. 5:24

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