Wednesday, 28 October 2009

human society, urban design City

with design of same-houseing system, in differing zones of similar inclination.

1-4 iannas various levels
left to right.
aligning more with nature (housing transfer, like employment in zero-denied work state) according to aptitude.

like with like.

so 2,3 outer; the most imperial prude ianna, (why should she be adult sex accepting? do you know that zone?). hostile.
inc.males hostile to sex for others (=hostile to sex,skizo)
monogo at best. (subject to monthly temple sex law as is under tula law)
inc. nuns, lesbians, child-access restricted etc.

2,3 progressed (serial monogo-ish); 'i'm hot but we didnt fuck'.
from 4,4 or 1,1 improvement. (either way direction), ( the acceptors of substitution/projection there of/devient sexual harassment)

eg: (call someone gay end up in ianna 1-4 outer zone, not a topic of interest except to the sexually-repressed substitutional-projection - thus- denials of fantasy origin). girl uses it for her not fucking, go outer side 1-4.
(ie: 'wanna fuck?' 'no i cant because you are gay, but i would if you werent' !??)
(kind of monogo). will if you pay them usually.

5,6 biologically adult humanoid zone. alligned to adult scientifically in theory and practice (6). (5 in practice, non-hostile to theory either).
would take something for even porn chicks to move from 2,3 to 5 from urf, due to the socialist universiallity. (5 did then, 6 loved it-looks for it, 2/3-inner didnt but had a good reason). 'piss off loser' is 1-4 inner. 'i'm married' is 1-4 outer, and 'your other gender/adult /but its sex' is ianna core 2-3 outer.

porn link.

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