Sunday, 4 October 2009

Europa Lisbon - EU. New EU Dawn, New U?

Lisbon EU Europa treaty to be okeyed. Abolishes archaic drivil corruptocracey nations of europe but not before fkn time. establishes one big new modern corruptocracey.

A new dawn after 1000 years of shit. just as well really. nostalgic in the Europa provincial UK Daily Mail.
Czech & Poland areas to ratify Europa after irish vote for errr Europa rule. (what a waste of fukin time they were huh? we wants homewule or else?)

Fresh from his first real success since becoming Irish leader in May last year, the Taioseach, Brian Cowen, yesterday signalled that Mr Blair could expect Irish backing.

“Tony is highly respected in this country,” he said. “He made a wonderful contribution during his premiership in relation to the peace process, providing peace and stability in this country. I have certainly the highest regard for Tony Blair. If he is a candidate, you can take it that we would be very supportive.”"

too sexy for youtube. Uniting Nations group song 'do it yourself' prudes make deceitful fake, Europa. which is still too suggestive of human adults achieving pleasure naturally rather than though malice and spite and cruelty. too bad jewtube.

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