Monday, 12 October 2009

slaves of the Imperium Ianna-dollar Diana

like the torture and killing- war-crimes in Baghram & Abu Ghrabi; the theift and looting of tax-payer pound-dollars from the westminster UK MP-elected crime-posses is a looting that goes to the very top of government parties.

"Gordon Brown will repay more than £12,000 of his expenses after receiving a letter from auditors investigating MPs' claims.

The Ianna-Dollah

Sir Thomas Legg, who is leading a review of MPs' expenses, has calculated that Mr Brown overclaimed by £12,415.10 between 2004 and 2009.

This included £10,716.60 for cleaning [ie 2 hrs hoovering a week], £302.50 for gardening [guy to mow the garden an hour each month in the summer? let nature run wild], and £1,396 for painting and decorating [upgrading-redeveloping instead of maintaining from ruin]." link, skynews. for full report.

ie usual denial delusion based on emotional interpretation of data (cult style see femminism/capitalism).

Tech Gunk:

note: the signiture [mind print] of such criminal-mind behaviour going on (activated in need of invesigation - mannat) was the finding of target to Blame And Distract (BAD) in the, labour campaign (ata cost) opposing helping 'benifit cheats' ie £50 a week unemployed-denied-work doing temp-part-time work on the side having fallen lucky and officially declaired by the state to be unwilling to work! (see state skitzophrenia and perverted-crimes blame of the victim (BAD).

then you can jail them... (at a bigger cost) until released back on the dole-allowance unless denied by local whim usurpers revolutionary soviet-council/dictator in which case they can turn to crime. (immidiate viewpoint)

"Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg announced he will repay £910 he claimed for gardening.

And Sky sources say David Cameron has been asked for more information concerning his mortgage arrangements in 2006.

In June, the Tory leader revealed he had repaid an overpayment of £218.91 for mortgage interest payments."...

"Meanwhile, the House of Lords authorities are launching an investigation into Lord Paul's expenses claims, at his request.

He has been accused of claiming £38,000 by designating a flat he never slept in as his main home."

Time for happy-dorm state lodge-house (and home of the criminally insane?) instead of morgage-banker skams. Yes they were giving your money to BANKERS!!!

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