Friday, 11 December 2009

Your Career as a Secretary! touch typing

Your career as a secretary.
Touch Typer, Office adim, other duites.

click the picture for a larger version to save. print it keep it with you.

Touch Typer, the F-Job.

Finger the F, Give J job.

keep nails clean. keep a nail scrubber with you. scrubbers are important in this job.
nails should be cut square if you wish.

follow procedure recruit!

why agency work?
It pays you money.
You work indoors.
no heavy lifting.
have flexability.
periods off, covered.
provide cover too.
no same place if bad chemistry;
easy notification and soon replaced, covered!

A good agency on your side will get you in a position to fit in with ease.
variety comming from covering maternity leave, walk outs, strikers, abandoment of position, the ill, funeral, holidays. No repeated formal interviews! No long term commitment, no stuck with one employer. part-time work. A good agency like biotech korps will make you part of the team of employees, bonded together in unity, included as a part of the unit, with our own office parties and training procedure! An agency simply takes a percentage of the wages paid to it by an employer for supplying office temps like you. Its money is only if you are making money.

prostitutes work out of doors on the street in all seasons and weather, including cold winter and when it is wet and rainy, and there they give sucky and fucky with all-commers. Also pimps get aggressive with them, and police arrest hookers. social status zero, which is sad. drug problem associates, and providing kiny or unsual sexual acts such as anal sex and kink as standard.

till check-out girl. boreing. might have to deal with silly shop-lifter gangs, robbers and shelf-stacking.

public sector, government. full of bitchy spitefull bitches and female bitch bosses, career office politics for promotions and avoiding the chop. ideological indoctrination, quotas, cut backs, PC madness which you will have to lie about and would come to believe. Office Lesbians, though this is an asset to some people who welcome their sexual advances. Also there are the feminists. Absurdity borderline insanity is common-place. They try to run the welfare department for those with no work .

w/c biotech korps 'science our side'.
At least we are organised!

a bit of music. true blue madonna.

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