Thursday, 10 December 2009

learing to type with BioTechKorps

Learning to type with BioTech Korps!


promotion recruiter poster.

age laws respected.

of age secretary induction procedure available.

fun parties arranged!
paid placements in cash.
future bonuses available!!

'we need your daughter'.

type test online.
useful link.
type free.
'thank you biotech for those great links'

sex education. vids.
cervix cap & spermicide data. use with mini-pill.
(see doc or sex clinic). other link. It is good.
will protect you in vaginal sex.
your cervix vid.
induced female orgasm vid. Ohgasm.
approved biotechkorps no-need-for-knickers short-dress.
approved biotechkorps travel-mug.
approved biotechkorps office-admin bag.
approved biotechkorps office-keys-ring/chain.
approved biotechkorps name-tag button. (universal agency, biotech type)
approved biotechkorps mouse-pad, mouse-mat & workstation finder.
for all fans of biotech korps.

typeing material. (not standard letters).
Prom Night.

music as you type. get into the groove, Madonna.
humor. the office, New Secretary. slow loader.
most sex per week: 1st Office Workers, 2nd Fitness Instructors, 3rd IT workers!
yep secretarys won that one!

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