Wednesday, 2 December 2009

OrK Ork ! dat funnee! Legion

quick guide to ork psychology
dat important
ork win ork loyal ork win

ork very happy you chooze to be seen against them
is natural, understandable, and true (capitalists imperialist)
if you chose to be seen as the friends of ork ork they would need to explain to other ork ork why this is... (unless you are the NSPCC or Child Protection Officers that is)...
'hostile' is ok , but allied? needs explain why! so they happy.
not PC, they are not btw.

if in doubt be hostile - much less problems for ork culture dat way.
hostile hostile (not prob)
why not hostile hostile? ahah! insight!
(suspicous = bribe bribe traiter ot ork ork?)

we are at: Peace. Good.
peace is not a problem
(not even to our green comrades). saves trouble.
more time for eat eat fuk fuk, which after all is the will of elan...
a wisdom of babes to be understood in its great truth...

ork ork is their laughter. you funny words say. no wonder prob.
the green signs on the gential protect box of the males is an erect phallus that is penis or cok ready to rape your women and sexually fertile youth... (in the event you wanted to know that) for their sexual verility status... and impregnate you women with their seed (you get the idea you lot do at least.)

innotive: as for the ork women, you can fuk them, take turns! win or loose, makes no difference. (and you have no choice in the matter). They will take bung measure not to be impregnated except by the Heros of orkdom who ..sign..beat them in combat... but are sexually available as is their high honor as adult women ork ork. (to be or choose the child way is not allowed unless child check check).
good for making turn over assimilators all breeds (they mean species includeing human ofcourse as found of elans gift if if need be).

of combat methods.
aryan armor shield wall
arab recept, take time, evaluate, ware down.
the ork conquered the blue (in question) as the blue of those mage who stayed in that local allowed them to and welcomed their conquerers... though alas it took time to liberate the ork invaders (ones who where) from captivity of the defeated blue mages, but this was eventually done as all comrades together! good good

other news: differing methods.

"This operation was prepared and executed along with other acts of sabotage... against a set of strategically important sites in Russia, on the orders of Caucasus Emir Dokku Umarov," said the statement on the website

Umarov is the self-proclaimed leader of the "Caucasus Emirate".

The organisation has sought to unite various Islamist groups in Russia's North Caucasus and establish Islamic Sharia rule in the region.

Friday's bombing killed 27 people and injured around 100 more passengers on the Nevsky Express, an upscale passenger train running from Moscow to Saint Petersburg popular with well-off Russians.

The statement on, a website that has previously been used as a mouthpiece for Chechen rebels, said the train "was mainly used by the ruling bureaucrats of Russia".

At least two government officials were killed in the train bombing.

Russia's Investigative Committee chief Alexander Bastrykin was injured by a remote-controlled bomb blast when he arrived at the scene the next day.

There was no immediate way to verify the claim of responsibility.

Chechen rebels have previously issued other claims that turned out to be bogus. [but]

such is the glorious an most excellently motivated warriors the ork ork. Moral loss is zero as they go bizzerk instead (and eat the enemy). this makes them unsuitable for olympic pretend-fight sports as they and the crowd of ork only understand war [they support enemy hostile, attack them they loose!], support ork ork, or lose win battle. you think sport, they think war. you think boxing they think cage combat (at your best thinking, more like eat). not pretend warriors. would be disqualified by suviors (thus exluding the ref) anyways. good warriors, bad limitations entertainmenters (actor actor). would do well at weightlifting if allowed to.

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