Thursday, 10 December 2009

Bio Tech 3 information keeping the position

Bio Tech information sheet.
Keeping the Position.

they need their biological needs serviceing.

typing material.
1 Kammi fire-hall gangbang.

music. Blur, girls and boys.
humor. Carla presentation rehersal.

hot secretaries dont need stalkers soo....

if you are a temp, you are.
then only we need to know your address. we allready do.
alter the digits of your address, or introduce your favourate number.
ie 123 street becomes 132 or 213 or even 321 street. 45 becomes 54, 7 plus lucky number 5 becomes either 75 or 57. you choose. let us know.

office romance, delaware survey 2009.
workplace romances. 72% comp have no policy. which is fine.

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