Thursday, 10 December 2009

Bio Tech 9 infomation

bio tech korps infomation sheet.
The Special List.

ready for any appointments.

typing practice material.
5 Kammi halloween gangbang.

music, techno theorgasmsong.

secretary gangbang. 12 min vid.
how to have sex in the office and not get caught.
one figure: 20% men, 8% women have.

still more typing practice:
a mammelian adult female accepts penis up her vagina and spermatoza ejaculation up her vagina from all passing mammilian males of the species, as shown in guard sperm, and her sexual requirements which include servicing any male to reach her orgasmic potential of sound mind and body, and the psychological need to be submissive to males of the species. This can be considered human, with the blessings of biotech korps. To be less than this is to be subhuman, as defined as 'less than human', even in cases of self considered 'above human' but unable to meet the human stage of being (ie delusion and denial). Nature will according to its own dynamics slowly remove the subhuman as defined not by race-varient but by being conformed to the scientific biology of human in practice (adult=adult, child=child) though a gradual process of extinction of the defective in these areas and those allied to them."

usual procedure.

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