Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Its Mars, Its Volcanic geothermic ; Mars Methane; debunk

debunk alert!

Its Mars, the iron planet
Its Volcanic geo-thermic.
the methane release that is.

if in doubt, Mars is like...dire.

it has co2 and h2 to make ch4 too. but with mars hydrogen-peroxide storms not much lives on that old rust bucket of an iron planet.

more hope in the 'disguised as an asteroid' Apophis near earth approach in circa 2029.
The Apophis asteroid is approximately the size of two-and-a-half football fields." - Nasa
99942. could be an alien vessel. Not saying it is or anything but...

incomming gemini December 13-14.
The Geminids, associated with the asteroid 3200 Phaethon, produce bright streaks of light as the Earth passes through and burns celestial dust ejected by the asteroid.

The dust burns when it hits the Earth’s atmosphere, producing what are commonly called shooting stars, Stage said." - Gemini december.

near earth asteroid ring. aka the doughnut. Mars Methane paper. near earth ish.


so if apophis 99942 is a vessel: for an intersteller i make it a small ship, which means they used hybernation i think or... well if the former then they might well be waking up around...now. all one of them oops. joke. It will miss the earth on its course so dont nuke it. cant be gen. not exactly invasion fleet size is it?

if they are...they could deflect hijack and return your gifts as no good. not that its any of my business or anything.

zero water, zero life. our scan. tough. get used to it. bung.

of the myriad of planets we have visited, you will learn the precious and speical place of an oasis of life and biological diveristy as a sacred trust and gem of redient glory. Not that a system not of life is uninteresting for research becasuse it is of note and calculation too, but cannot compare.

for elan, the universe memorial maker to himself gave unto us all [oh fuck! not elan again] that universal science of our species and greater unity.

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