Friday, 4 December 2009

1000 years of War !

1000 years of war and counting makes some people happy.

with the suggested pull out of afghanistam in 2014, there goes bushes 100 years of war. still an if though.

it never ceases to amaze me how much they spend on war that lot. like $100 billion a year, sure sure...

100 years of war? they need more medics and were thinking of conscripting-drafting medical students even!
They would need and do need more army Medic training centres, and places for medical training with people for the vast increase in medics the Military Machine needs.

real life training, and can use cadavers too, the jane does of the car accidents for the military. people need to be more health and safety aware, but even so most deaths are caused by driving cars... thousands of them a year, which i hope is a sobering thought there. still, that said, its a lot of cadavers for the army medics and surgens to practice upon, right?

they could test weapon on them too.
what do you think antar?
hmm he doesnt do much thinking....race ya to the mess hall....subject to safety considerations that is...

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