Saturday, 5 December 2009

Battle Zone (war games)

welcome to the battle zone!
top secret facility some where on planet somewhere.
(zabzab B i reckon)

well war is hell, sure sure.
look bud, you know where the maniac zone is. (all else fails we all end up in it like the hot head psychos).

peace and prosperity!
soo obviously to advanced civilizations (i did say civil-izations) its makes to have war as peace and prosperity!
or not at war ofcourse.

still a lot of cadavers to shift around. no good complaing over black ops black ops, as only the maniac zoners like warfare... they actually shoot each other that lot!
quick glimpse into the glatactic hard realities there...

besides have you seen how big space is?

civilian lazor quest. prototype info.
military versions will need helm-upperbody-arms-legs back anywhere-hit (suits), can hit own side, limited ammo of type subject to gun type and ammos reload inc. rapid-fire area-blast, sniper, sidearm, light grenade.. etc. (multi rocket launcer?)
(gun-knockout dependent on area hit - exit game or lie dead, toys auto-deactivated - for you that is. ememy can use them) can lie down, crouch run dive, judo, climb on in over under smash though real buildings/grounded spaceship hulk. also flares, light/sound grenades, emp, droid warriors/scouts/eye spy/martyr bombers/medic/pic-up. can seduce and fuck (chain-link rules). can use inviz-suits if likly to have them (so called inviz suits that is). Not much use to a chamelion spec those. might include darlick tank armor and ballistic shields as you progress.
paint ball. black cell special-ops (lava exp, sandstorm pro-tact, mrkl assass ish) play-list. atmospheric! ofcourse need long range paintball fire and therefore defence armor! (droid-computer tech impacted-power monitor and arms-knockout (therefore range of impact sensor build-in to armor).

subject to cheating. so have big pre-combat security checks your-side then impartial officials, and (substances are ok unless used-up supply logistic problem - in game command), plus droid-cctv record overview and monitor, inc. carry cam on tanks, hovers, zap bikes and saucers...etc. plus paint mines, rocket launcers, paint morters, drill walls, tunnelers; ya need some protection there.
and medic medic standby. (in-game and not in game but points-lives deducted for not in-game medic medic usage (if want them or not!!)).

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