Thursday, 10 December 2009

Bio Tech 8 Training Procedure

Bio Tech training procedure.
pirch, birch, slurp.

good conduct vids.

spanking. right or wrong

getting to cocksucking grade.
fellatio stage (oral giving)
'so was it your boyfriend'
1 blindfolded penis lips
2 blindfolded penis lick
3 blindfolded penis into mouth
4 blindfolded penis cums in mouth. (swallow)
5 no blindfold fellatio.
various 'bosses'.
this stage continues.

sex stage
secretary sex.
note: fellatio perfomed after.
cum is to be swallowed.
1 a nude over desk
b caressed. self masturbation.
2 others: a finger insertion your pussy
and b finger fucking your pussy.
3 a penis rubbed on buttocks and legs
to b penis penitrated into vagina
4 a fucking, ejaculation on ass or legs or belly
to b full ejaculation into vagiana sessions.
various 'bosses'.
this stage continues.

non fellatio
5 a lubricated cock after pussy penitration entered slowly up ass
b buggered anal sex. ejaculation external.

music. kiss me orgasmmusic,
humor Jenna as secretary.
humor. Office Party.

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