Thursday, 10 December 2009

Bio Tech 1 Assume the Position of Secretary

Bio Tech information
Assume the Position.

Secretary recruitment, training and distribution agency.

said to be run by aliens.

making the special distribution list!

Biological Technology Guards turned its alien eye to secretary recruitment, training and agency.

discression assured.
zero litigation.
'we pay hush money as a bonus to our temps'.

Secretary is Secret-ary, from the word Secret, meaning 'on who keeps secrets'.
keep all talk in-house.

assume a work name, which is a secretary name, the name you shall be known by at the company, and at work! answer only to this name.
such as: Jan, Jane, Cindy, Sharon, Suzi, Patrica, Vicci, Vikki, Deb/orah, Debby, Liz, Elizabeth, Beth, Bekky, Beccy etc.

morph into secretary. vid. 23 sec.

typing material.
My Secretary.
The taming of Jackie.

music, 4 mins, madonna & timberlake.
humor. sec strip.

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