Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Beware of the Ice Maiden! oh no!

Ice is freeze and bad
ice kills
slipply and thin and evil therein.

work of the ice maiden, who at this time of season of the sun cycle, has afflicted the northern lands of earth with her dubious charms and magic spell.

the figure in the ice who leads men to their death or enslavement, and so too women turned back into strange girls...

beware beware the goddess with icey stare... and her mask of kindness.

general wisdom, warning over cold climate, sister or daughter or slave or form of ianna diana the evil one.

update: some of her male slaves (and a few female ones) are rescued to liberty and freedom by Tulaa the sex goddess venus... but the Ice Maiden herself is only slain by the Sun God or his HERO champions, who melts her... in this is either her redeption from her former self, or her anhilation, depending on the myth and form she takes. but ianna lurks still in the background to send other such another day. universal mythos more or less (unless you are a polar bear) or else in the hot equator zone afflicted by ianna's spell on the sun god to turn him evil..for her for a time. after which he awakes from her spell and punishes her in the cold lands by melting her minions. (some say cooks them; thats enough of that direction bod)

an upgrade is an upgrade. it doesnt matter where it comes from?

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