Sunday, 6 December 2009

Military Simulation Training-Practice-PVP

Military & Civilian simulation.

aircraft simulator.
one guy learnt to fly sitting in front of a computer! documentary took him to a flight school, with trainer co-pilot, and let him take off and fly and approach... gold star. (the landing was done by the trainer co-pilot rules is rules, its the most dangerous part, but...they reckon he could have done it). tech tech, not bad first time in a cockpit!

not sure why they make it so difficult.

boeing flight sim pod...jokers. 7:45

The story concerned a fictional aide in Richard Nixon's administration, who, when Nixon took over government in 1969, fed all the data held by the US pertaining to both nations into a computer model — population, gross national product, relative military strength, manufacturing capacity, numbers of tanks, aircraft and the like. The aide then asked the question of the model, "When will we win?" Apparently the computer replied, "You won in 1964!"[47]"

google earth flight sim. unsteady flyer, fail. chuck flyer. cgi
reconstruction: Flight 11 WTC impact, cockpit view...!! 24 sec. cgi

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