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Euro-Korps ; Corps Europeen; eurocorps

Euro Korps.

"Military [Terrain] – Access Stopped. In the neighbourhood of Aubert de Vincelles, in a suburb south [-east] of Strasbourg, the sign in a large, open field leads to a large building enshrouded in fog. But there are no officers here lacing up their boots, nor strapping soldiers climbing nets or steep walls.

My disappointment quickly subsides upon meeting a non-commissioned officer at the reception desk; he speaks to me in heavily-accented French. I give his coat of arms the once-over; he’s Spanish, and I will be meeting a German, a Frenchman and a Belgian later on. Welcome to the headquarters of Eurocorps, or the ‘European guards’. About 1, 000 soldiers wear uniforms from their countries of origin, but all sport the same beret and use English as their lingua franca.

The troops were rounded up some months ago in order to celebrate fifteen years of these headquarters."... link.

EuroKorps Wiki data.
"Eurocorps comprises approximately 1,000 soldiers stationed in Strasbourg and up to 60,000 troops pledged for deployment in EU or NATO rapid-response missions.[2] The nucleus of the force is the Franco-German Brigade established in 1987."

The Brigade participated in peacekeeping missions in Bosnia
and led
KFOR III in Kosovo from 18 April 2000 to October 2000
and led the
ISAF6 Force in Afghanistan from 9 August, 2004 to 11 February 2005.[7]
From 1 July 2006, to 10 January 2007, HQ Eurocorps was the land component stand by element of the
NATO Response Force 7."

Mek/Armor units. (mobile/armored troop). that prob means either not both.
there are such things as non-mech infantry still in some countries... not usually using donkeys as pack-carriers either yet. (dont mention droids)

The defence of europe, eurocorps. data collection.
Eurocorps website (continues transferring data type of site). so close it if your computer slows down when trying to watch porn or youtube.
independant of the EU, joint nations command..

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