Thursday, 3 December 2009

Legion Volcano; Masters of Ecconomic Demolition

I allways thought Volcano legion should be the most feared of all alien units, especially by a plutocracy-aristocracy, that is, a prude-ocracy or frigid-ocracy.
a prudeocracy is a plutocracy.
and abd means slave, as ianna dianna reminds us.

just as a prude is a psychopath against human adult uncareing of other peoples' sexual needs, so the enslaved of capitalism are psychopaths, uncareing of other peoples' work or wages needs.
yet it is this very psychopathic enslavement that is their captor and greatest weakness.

grab the diana of gold and grab them all. then the magic of the volcano goddess is seen; all that they considered evil is now of the highesst good, and other alchemy impossibles such as the highest and obvious good becomes the odious and vile of evils! magic wands can be waved after all, o ye of little faith... and miricles given.
reason and logic are sacrified on the alter of the golden calf.

or in the words of weisshapt's illuminati (a christian term btw), 'if you have them by the balls then their hearts and minds will follow'.

ultimatly if needed, any renagade planet can be returned to lucidity of biological harmony.

its not that psychopaths have a choice, they are enlaved. find the slaver.
ploughs into 1441 guns.

'offensive' prude slain. knox vibrator case. italia.
Rich List Drug-Baron capitalist gets 13 years uk.

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