Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Eco-Habitats - how to

Eco-habitat space.

needs apple-trees, pond and released flappys, swimmies and hoppies...

and crawlies, insects are important here.
these also means some old wood for them,

herb bushes can be added too.
can add nice smell! thats clever.

pond needs safety rail and signs. it its hollow alluminium it would float not sink for reclaiming.
ah now you can dig a tunnel beginning of a burrow or two.
and bee box, bird box, bat box, ahh....etc.

if you mark the direct paths for humans then humans will use them. says the high druid. think union jack or buddha's wheel. subject to drainage and mire.

can grow grass turf on top of roofs and use solar and wind turbine power.
these can be located in places near streams - water supply - that are too damp for anything else.

floaters could have open hole to sea under trick; plus filled but lighter than water things (ie not hollow) also ie anything that floats.

food waste: really a composter! with tiger worms!!
paper and tin recycle bins instead of just one for all type!!
plastic one too. lots of bins together, but good for recycle and can be color coded for ease of location and find auto-function of minds.

should be free access, with some pay to enter entertainments, and refreshments, gift shops, fab sodominaz show and hire joint, happy boozer garden and cctv (solar)... free museum of the place...paid tour though... maybe eco farm oinks - feel free to feed it doesnt matter!
cigs porn shop, as fincancier options, plus sponsor, and advertizements in some cultures. well maybe some adds too for awareness in other cultures as well.

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