Tuesday, 8 December 2009

No Dogs Zone - Polizziac Sniper = fast food

a different perspective (maybee)

enforcement of no-dogs zone rules (public eco-habitats for example)
for public safety of humanoids.

carnivor weapons dissallowed zone.

includes no tigers, no bears, no baboons, no chimps, no elephants, no bulls, no zankhst, no buffalo, no snakes, no tranchella, no lions, no big cats (liger, tigon, leap, panther) or any other dumb ass pet-weapon. if in doubt feel free to get it shot ofcourse.

good bit: there is a shrine to them with their corpses rested. outside the wall.
and there are plenty of info signs. macarbe but good for the ecology.
bad bit: includes fido the performing doggy ezzOrrIte wuth UZZ izz pakk un Feeders inneee.
also good bit: sniper team can claim the meat (ork/korean). no taste some people but there you go. not worth finding out its better than horse which means zip.

dumb ass owners will be shot in the leg or body if really need be (approaching, within 20 feet of sniper ish) which is a death shot for your information considering the velocity of urban combat sniper rifle range being circa 500m kill.
medic provided free, so is the undertaker with us cant speak for your society though.

where your polizzicaz or the manat were too cowardly , bribed, corrupt, or unable to walk or talk or follow procedure or stand upright or articulate human speach, the legion will as a duplicate get the job done and can make arrests too anyway to prevent bottle neck. and let the mannat polizzia know it.

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