Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Cunt Flaps Cream ! good good! funny news gunk

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News Chechnya war. eng. ianna
other lang. also ianna
AFP. ianna too.
the newspaper wrote:

"Afghan (puppet) officials cut the police force in Kunduz by a third two years ago and again earlier this year. Security was left to a few thousand German peacekeepers. Only one Afghan logistics battalion of Afghan (puppet) army was stationed in the province.

But over the last two years the Taliban have steadily staged a resurgence in Kunduz. In November, residents listened to air raids by NATO forces for five consecutive nights, the first heavy fighting since the beginning of war eight years ago.

Kunduz became a battlefield with the opening of a new logistics route here for NATO supplies from Russia and Central Asia, over an American-financed "bridge" that opened in 2007. The route is supposed to serve as a strategic alternative to the treacherous passage through Pakistan, which is regularly attacked by Taliban insurgents.

The Taliban have re-emerged in Kunduz with such force that during the "presidential election" in August, (Karzai's) police officers were fending off attacks on the outskirts of the city of Kunduz, and insurgents were poised to overrun the center, officials said.

"The Taliban were at the door of the city; the people thought the (Karzai) government was at an end," said a senior security (Karzai) official, who asked not to be named because of the nature of his work.

A district like Khanabad, with a population of 350,000, has just 80 police officers now, the (puppet) governor of Kunduz, Muhammad Omar, said in an interview. In the district of Chahardara, where hundreds of insurgents are at large, there are only 56 police officers, enough only to guard the district center and the main road.

"It deteriorated suddenly," the (puppet) governor said."

'we must fail and loose for our richer masters! so lets do it!'

So why am i preggo? I only wanted the status and money?
gifted by gods!
ok switz un-neutralized by presiding over EU court trap.
ganged up on by EU UN and Turkey. oh noz, trap trap, kill kill or eaten!

UK former PM blair lied over WMD. ok then, thatz ok crime ya.
The written memo from the then Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, has now been unearthed and handed in to the Chilcot Inquiry into the war and will form a major part of the former Prime Minister’s cross questioning in the new year.

In April 2005, Mr Blair was asked on the BBC by Jeremy Paxman if he had seen confidential Foreign Office advice that the Iraq war was illegal.

Mr Blair replied: “No. I had the Attorney General’s advice to guide me.”

In reality, Lord Goldsmith had submitted a memo to 10 Downing Street in July 2002, explicitly warning Mr Blair that invading Iraq was a blatant breach of international law.

The memo was written eight months before the combined British and American invasion which not only killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians, but also thousands of Allied soldiers.

In the letter, Lord Goldsmith responded to a cabinet meeting of 23 July 2002 at which he had been present where attendees were told in confidence that the invasion of Iraq was going to proceed." oh no confusingkz.

Climate Change data info thrown away quick ahead of summit for cash bung.
It was for love not the munee she-mugga saidz, ork ork!!...

when she is uncouncious she does everyone spunk up cunt ya knowz?

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