Tuesday, 1 December 2009

hay, Earthlings Grow Meat in a Lab! Well done!

Tech update.

diversion introduction to strange topics:
"A boffin at the Bulgarian national Space Research Institute has stated that not only are aliens living among us, but that they object strongly to "immoral behaviour" by humanity - [defined as] such as causing global warming. "Unnatural" acts such as use of cosmetics and "artificial insemination" are also frowned upon by the extraterrestrial visitors.
dont look at me.

and that the extraterrestrials are "conducting surveillance" and - chillingly - "research" on humanity.

“They are currently all around us, and are watching us all the time. They are not hostile towards us; rather, they want to help us but we have not grown enough in order to establish direct contact with them," said the Bulgarian boffin, according to Sofia news agency novinite.com.

echos my views there that alien did.

Filipov stated that the alien spies in our midst have other objections to our lifestyle, too.

"They are very skeptical of our use of cosmetics, and artificial insemination because this is unnatural," he reportedly said.

There was no word on the aliens' views on gang-probing of humans abducted as part of their "research" programme..." Link. ReG.

Space Techi resigns over attempts to contact the fucking antarian battle fleet.:

A pair of noted space thinkers have resigned from an international body in protest at plans to send out powerful radio signals to alien civilisations. The two men feel that the risks of contact with extraterrestrials - who would need to be much more technologically advanced than humanity in order to visit us - have not been adequately considered.

The signalling that lies behind the concern is so-called "active SETI" (SETI meaning the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)....

As one might expect of the human race, there isn't any coherent global international policy on active SETI. [chaos capitalism] Essentially, anyone who can afford the kit can merrily beam out any signal they feel like [which might be considered favourable QED?]

"It is just as unscientific to impute to remote intelligences wisdom and serenity as it is to impute to them irrational and murderous impulses. We must be prepared for either possibility ..."
[if they can get 'here' they are ok, advanced in science,tech application and aged with wisdom of the universe etc etc. unless its the antarians ofcourse in which case i hope you like eating prawns and marching into spaceships singing 'obedience is our virtue']
some cultures dont throw away assets-aquisitions [then] or scientific research into bio-diversity huh? not even the antarians. link reg.

Earthling scientists grow meat in a lab...

"Researchers from The Netherlands extracted myoblast cells from the muscle of a live pig; cells that in the right environment would grow into muscle in order to repair damage to tissue, and incubated them in a nutrient-based solution derived from the blood of animal foetuses. The result was what has been described as “a soggy form of pork” which, due to laboratory rules hasn’t been sampled for taste yet. Sufficient “exercising” of said product could however yield a tougher, steak-like consistency.

Professor of physiology at Eindhoven University Mark Post, lead scientist of the government-funded research, said “You could take the meat from one animal and create the volume of meat previously provided by a million animals. We need to find ways of improving it by training it and stretching it, but we will get there. This product will be good for the environment and will reduce animal suffering. If it [is made to] feels and tastes like meat, people will buy it.”

Aside from the obvious benefits of more effective global meat and dairy production, consumption of which is set to double by 2050, the moral benefits have been acknowledged by vegetarians who agree that they have no ethical objection to the procedure, though some still query its potential. A Vegetarian Society spokesperson argues “The big question is how could you guarantee you were eating artificial flesh rather than flesh from an animal that had been slaughtered. It would be very difficult to label and identify in a way that people would trust.” [try govt administration zone official labels and task force check arrest-ie relay to court]

Green Eco!

In addition, the ability to produce meat in a laboratory would yield environmental benefits. With 18% of the world’s greenhouse gases produced by livestock, any reduction would have a significant impact on our collective carbon footprint.

Link here. have a click.
you dont have to be a genius to see where this will lead, or maybe you do?
Well done humans. a bit of metaphysical latitude later and hay presto!
one day.. far far away.

ps relax
the antarian battle groups are no where near sol system! space is big big and bigger. your a needle in a haystack preaching adolf hitler and updates [that means you know what you are doing, lets hope they dont find out you fucked up]. and beetles music. thats fucked up. its 20 light years to the edge of your known space even (orion arm minor location that is). thats on your arm of the X swasti galaxy and dwarf galaxy egg. There are many many others too! and you are pritty secure on your home turf, like the sol system. its space, its the will of the elan.
"that greater plan, my comrades, illumiates a sacred ideal to us, a common destiny, that is there as a scared ideal to be unlocked by all species in the multi-verse..." thant means even the fkn antarians too dunnit?
music. enya. rivers sing.

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