Thursday, 10 December 2009

Bio Tech 10 humor

biotech korps humor.

a very discreet agency with a very discreet staff
...and former staff.

biotech is noted for its legendary sence of humor.

we like our staff to have a smile and take an interest in their social welfare:
hows daddy?
hows the weird cult leader?
hows boyfriend/hubby
and his parents
open minded slags post sexual content in public all over the friggin web.

remember your training.
we employ slags.

music. pure chillout.
humor. why i fired my secretary.

gyne. tips:
open legs, show pussy, let some stranger put his fingers up your vagina.
(beware of psychiatric skitzo hypocrite females). this excludes sluts who are consistent honest people.

legal gunk:
where can i make a sympathetic complaint over BioTech Korps for them being into adult hetrosexual SEX?
They will refer it to sympathetic allied within the police force, court system, and such types in the media and government for future consideration.

authorized personnel to accept court summons on behalf of Biotech Korps?
: dockland 12pm to 2am make appointment.
we employ ethinic minorities and desperate white guys (the humanoid double-wall in the gleaming jackboots holding iron-broom handles behind their backs) as you could possibly later afferm.
our official at the end is legally required to accept the summons and will do so with a smile and turn his back and walk away to the limo.
He know his allegence and takes his punishment for it!!

A look at the prison camps in Iraq manned by U.S Soldiers. Children have also been found in this camp under the age of 18 years old and as young as 9 years old according to the children being questioned at the time of this tappin.
Ork Legion Awareness of sides loyal.

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