Wednesday, 2 September 2009

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New Religion#
Cult of Zolt
Procedure shall preveil!
The will of Zolt can be found in the written law of the state.
type of deism.
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you are refering to Prime Observor deism rather than zolt's heretical Prime Mover deism. So I dont think you quite understand what "deism" means (neither do many deists). some deists do not believe in divine intervention; this excludes Zolt. They are the traditionalist deist cult which has been found deficent in its good as dead god, hijacked by by academic free-thinkers and turned irrelivant to human life.

a few thoughts that challenge the traditional deist views:

1 the preloaded easter egg hunt. you are taken there (reason~) to find what was put there ~(creation). your god might not know what would unfold and when (you eat the easter egg this day) but Zolt sure did.
That is a critique of the traditional hands off deism. good as unfolding divine intervention.
2 even more so, the presumption of (some) deists that the divine created and gave humans reason and let it unfold and yet has no interest in helping or his creatures affairs is stand offish to the extreme. It doesnt sound likely, and more problamatically, humans prefer and maybe need divine intervention!
your god might not have designed humans to be like that but...Zolt did.
So is your deist god evil then?
3 the overlooking by deists of human society and law as imminant relevence to human affairs. why only though nature and theoretical science myths like darwinism the piltdown hoax? why not also though human society and its regualtion... even more affecting humans, as some gods knew would be the case. The nature treck is fine but thats where most deists' god stays put.
until we meet again god?"

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