Thursday, 27 August 2009

Democracy made easy. Kebo Party system.

Kebo party system for finding electees to vote for.

1 a cause
2 fellow people
3 an idol. (usually)
can be adapted to use without idol or statue but not as good)

steps. need to elect officials who are for a year or until resign or abandoment of post, or voted off for bad doing:

idol (~voice of). all talk addressed to idol not anyone else.
idol runs thought the issues logged.

skribe. keeps log of votes and reports.
chunk. keeps log of cash if any and spends it as directed by vote.

mass movement, no membership fees, often held in public under idol or statue seated on ground.

needs founding cause for finding people to put forward as hopeful electees for wider voting for ~(hopefuly) into office so can then run amok and legally smash up the place, burn the books, change policy, fire deranged beaurocrats and hire kebo as replacements etc...

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