Thursday, 10 September 2009

Hermaphrodite wins Gold at Berlin 800m event

Upon dual-gender-ideological segregation planets the issue of intersexed gender hermaphrodite morphitees remains an unknown limbo at varience with official designation and procedure.

generally faster and stronger than females the hermaphrodite Caster easily won the women's 800m Gold in Berlin.

fair or unfair, unfair? hermaphrodites have no sport event of their own (social denial and so exclusion) based on their rarety in some species such as humanoid types).
culturally Certain Gods had not been made aware of the condition; some of whom claim infalibility (see semite).

Caster Semenya South-African gender-storm.

internal testees no womb has vagina etc. Caster hermaphrodite type. test result.
Gaga singer controversy. not nude pic though.'gaga girl'.
'gaga hermahprodite'. (has anyone fucked her for gods' stake, tell us!)
buck Angel's vagina.
hermaphrodite photo.
Lynn's saga.
google book, medical invention of gender.
science tech, wiki, hermaphrodites.

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