Thursday, 24 September 2009

Oh Fuey! Katakana Nipon and Isaac-drone alien tech

hatchet work.
2007 drone hoax. debunk site.

buddhist japanese-katakana.
katakana, a how to. or ask isaac how not to.

the darwin believer, pildown's site (but its state prop). isaac-drone debunk

aurebesh, starwars skript.
note the cases for the letter B b.

music, mammels song.

v-visitors skript, dissimilar, not a part of the semantic drift of Isaac tech, but did influence aurebesh.
(Vistors not of interest to jews, too pro-nazi aliens so their script is boycotted. but starwars has jewish bdsm (like darth and freud's race interest) so aurebesh is 'ok'. like jewish women and anal sex and prude neo-con). but why would aliens care?

bargin bucket:
association charts. etc.
the eye. etc.
flow chart primer.
aliens would use universal themes. int what you think.
..and their cult-ural specific errors, maybe not your ones.
and their anthropology-zoological limitations, not your ones?

tech. species variation.
Isaac wrote that the magic of these words (a semetic interest) if put on table would make the table move if you do the magic right... (this is not true) it is a jewish delusion not an aryan one. words' power has limitations. QED. It is an unconcious cyper for the power of words in an aryan society from a jew who has a natural anthropological semetic gift with words like an arab of arabia (true arab semite) has. Aryan have high visual, smites have low visual IQ. So words would not seem as powerful in yIsrael or Soudi Arabiya. (the inanimate moving 'mystery' was claimed by jews as a holocaust atrocity and due to the domination of theocratic-or-ideological subjection (well moses did) it must be right; that buckets moved in song making music. Therefor you belive this.... except the revisonalists ofcourse). give a high tech alien society some credit.

ok can you pay me now Agent Cian?
what in star-bucks? ~(i hope thats a coffee shop)

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