Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Ass-Bomber Security-Checks! AQ latest

A new trick to slip security scanners arrives in the Al Qaeda Ass-Bomb, first used by ass-bomber assassin 'slave of Allah' Assieri (AQ Arabia ass-bomber squad) in an attempt to assassinate the anti-terrorist squad spokesman prince Mohammed bin Nayef in port Jiddah saudi Arabia whose hand was hurt in the blast.

lucky for prince Mohammed the bombers body absorbed a lot of the 1 pound tnt blast but it made a mess of the room.

said ass bomb was detonated by a mobile phone call that went beep triggering the 'dirty' bomb.

ass-caverty bombs- latest attack method of martyr bombers. high security, low yeild. security assessment.
ass-bomber attack. simple
yemen and saudi AQ merger.
ass-bomber report.

drunk chick fires fire-work rocket chaos. vid.
whats a caverty search? pictures. foto.
counter-terrorism becomes fun perk if not blown up. 'it stops a crash dunnit'
butt-searchers, security fun times. in islamic alligned societies women are searched by lesbian women, but in nature alligned societies women are searched and fucked by men, naturally!
more butt-raiders. 'we can stop ass-bombers and we will'

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