Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan invasion problems

Since the ~Imperial dianic invasion of the ~dianic Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (both sides being hostile to human~biology~~) because of the Bush-admin order in september 10th 2001, the Taliban Government forces have made steady ground against the the rebel-USA and Nato backed junta.

~In this war of external agression Germany was happy (as historically testified) to invade its forces under the new imperial dictate that it is pretended not to be a war; due to the Germany constitution which fordids wars of non defence of German land.

at over 80% mountians the invaded nation has been the grave yard of imperialist delousions and agression, now joined by american and zionist and continued femminist pro-war agression.

femminist ~(like their jewish founders~) support War in Afghanistan. feminist minority.
why so says some deluded indoctrinated dog of diana?
"The quota for 25 percent women in the Afghan parliament was another such show. Although there are 67 women in the Afghan parliament, most of them are pro-warlord and are themselves enemies of women's rights. When the famed marriage rape law was passed in the parliament, none of them seriously raised their voice against it. Malalai Joya, an outspoken feminist in the parliament at the time, has said that she has been abused and threatened by these pro-warlord women in the parliament. The U.S. military may have removed the Taliban, but it installed warlords who are as anti-woman and as criminal as the Taliban.". The term women is not to be taken seriously in this article as they are against human biology and being male-hormone compatable yin, ie true human women..
White House USA tensions afghanistan war, 'more troops, more still'.
he administration has asked McChrystal to delay submitting his additional troop request, which could reach 40,000, until Obama reviews and perhaps alters his war strategy."
"As the president considers the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan, he also faces increasing political pressure from a growing number of Democrats who oppose a troop increase and many conservatives urging him to give his general what he wants."
Pak ISI and Iran intelligence been helping the Taliban govt.
General Steanly McChrystal, commander of the US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, informed the White House that factions of the Pakistani and Iranian spy agencies are supporting the Taliban and other terrorist groups that carry out attacks on the US-led Nato forces in the country,".
British Liberal party wants Tea with the Taliban.
dissident properganda.
and France24 reporters with the Taliban. youtube
Taliban attack in Lahore, eastern Pakistan.and also youtube as lasts.
The Mujihadin of the anti-Soviet War. british ITN 1988. for those allowed to see.

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