Monday, 8 February 2010

Work Sex Increased Performance

Aphrodites good
Dianas bad.

Biological Tech data:
DALLAS, Aug. 17 (UPI) -- Increased sexual activity may lead to an improvement in problem-solving, confidence and teamwork at work, a U.S. researcher says.

Dr. Helen Fisher, chief scientific adviser to the Web site, says her research focused on a sample of 40,000 people on -- 56 percent female -- with an average age of 37.

"In addition to being great exercise and a stress reliever, sex triggers the release of a number of valuable brain chemicals," Helen Fisher says in a statement. "From improved problem-solving as a result of heightened dopamine levels, to enhanced teamwork skills due to a flood of oxytocin -- there are a number of positive benefits which can improve performance in the workplace."

The study also says:

-- The dopamine rush one gets from sex is associated with improved creativity, so it's likely those who have regular sex are more creative at work.

-- After sex, men and women receive a boost of chemicals that generate feelings of trust, attachment and calm. Those who have regular sex are likely to feel more cooperative and agreeable.

-- Sex also drives up testosterone

, which can give men and women feelings of competence, self-confidence and well-being." - link.... porn link 1.

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office sex link porno. downtime team-building sex orgies - human, pro-adult human biology attitudes. over this is needed a sence of order and set times.

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